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Savoury Baklava

Traditional sweet baklava, though one of my favourite Greek Recipes, is not something that you would generally find on a healthy living website. I have been working on trying to get a savoury version of this dish going that would have some of…Read More »

Belize Rice and Beans

After too much comfort food it is time for the warm food. The food that reminds you of vita coco and tropical places, the food that takes you back to wonderful holidays in exotic places in the sun. Belizian Rice and Beans is one…Read More »

Quick Meal Ideas For Busy Working Moms

“ Alarm goes off, quick dash to freshen up and head into the kitchen, whip up breakfast, pack lunches for everyone, wake up kids, dress them up, feed them, pack them off to school, send spouse on his way and make a…Read More »

A Peasant Meal

Here is the trick to great living, buy contemporary designer jewellery and entertain with hearty home made and simple meals that use basic ingredients but involve lots of time and care. Week night entertaining is perfect for serving up peasant meals: soup or…Read More »

A tasty treat for your picky eater

Most moms with toddlers and young children face a challenge everyday when it comes to feeding their picky eaters. It seems that the biggest complaint of moms is that they cannot get their child to eat enough of the daily recommended servings…Read More »

Recipe: Chinese Egg Rolls

If you love chicken and looking for a delicious and easy chicken based recipe, you can try Chinese egg rolls. You will need a roasting chicken, mashed garlic 1 clove, a cabbage, 1 lbs bean sprouts, soy sauce 1, lamb meat 2lbs,…Read More »

The Art of the Fruit Platter

I personally have become slightly addicted to the tubs of pre cut fruit that are available in supermarkets, but these are an over priced and processed option. One good idea is to instil a culture of the ’fruit platter’in your home and…Read More »