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3 Things to Consider When Optimizing Your Website

There’s no doubt about it: your business’s website needs a massive overhaul. The design is out of date, it’s difficult to navigate and very little is offered in the way of regular updates. Not surprisingly, this is reflected in your abysmal visitor stats. Revamping your website has the power to improve your company’s image, win […]

Using Search Engine Optimization to Your Advantage

Gone are the days of leafing through that massive tome whenever you wanted to find a local business.  Whereas businesses used to engage in bidding wars for phonebook space, many of them have shifted their focus to search engines. Since exposure on Google can win a company worldwide recognition, its pays to get yourself noticed […]

How to promote your charity using infographics

Building the awareness of a charity is very important if you want to encourage support and donations for the cause of your charity. Promoting your charity is one of the best ways to build awareness for your charity, to communicate with your target audience and to encourage support for the cause. Many charities however shy […]

Choosing A Blog Topic – BLOG TIP

When I first decided I was going to setup LM-BLOG I asked myself one question over and over. That question was “what topic?” At first I chose money and fuel usage as my topics for my blog. However during a period of 3 or so months when I did no work whatsoever to this blog […]

Reputation Management By Pumping Your Brand

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is to have a negative article appear above their own pages in the search results. Obviously, the first key area is to ensure customers receive quality service/products and don’t see a need to complain. The second component to reputation management is to ensure you […]

Keyword Research Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a handy adjunct to any web site owners tool kit, particularly if you use to further enhance your site. One function of Webmaster Tools that many people don’t understand is the ‘Top Search Queries’ that can be found under the Statistics tab. This function can be a real bonus to your […]

Yahoo Leads The Way But Hardly Anyone Knows

We certainly live in a strange world. Yahoo often leads the way when it comes to search innovation and most people certainly approve each of those innovations. The problem is, with Yahoo having such a small share of the search traffic, hardly anyone gets to see these new innovations – at least until Google decides […]

Domain Names – How Far Do You Go To Protect Your Brand

You can register your domain name in many different areas of the world. With top level domains popping up everywhere these days you may be wondering how far you need to go to protect your brand. In the first place it really depends on your scope of business. If you are a purely local business […]

Stuck For Something To Say On Your Blog?

For many business people, having a blog attached to their web site can be a pain in the butt. There are times when you sit down to write your regular piece and all you can do is draw a blank.  For the business person however, the danger is in walking away and saying ‘I’ll do […]

Internet Marketing – Why Do So Few Use So Little Of What Is So Much?

This is little doubt that for the foreseeable future, internet marketing is going to be a major player for the small players. The big names can afford to sponsor events like the FA Cup. For small players, a thirty second spot would equal five years worth of marketing budget. Internet marketing has one big bonus […]

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