Reputation Management By Pumping Your Brand

One of the worst things that can happen to a business is to have a negative article appear above their own pages in the search results. Obviously, the first key area is to ensure customers receive quality service/products and don’t see a need to complain. The second component to reputation management is to ensure you […]

Keyword Research Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a handy adjunct to any web site owners tool kit, particularly if you use to further enhance your site. One function of Webmaster Tools that many people don’t understand is the ‘Top Search Queries’ that can be found under the Statistics tab. This function can be a real bonus to your […]

Can You Capitalise On Big Businesses Failure

Big businesses can provide goods at fairly cheap prices, often far cheaper than most online sellers can buy them in the first place. However, big businesses often have one big failing – you can never find what you are looking for. For smaller businesses, you may be able to capitalise on this shortcoming – even […]

Why Branding Is Becoming More Important

A recent post on Web Pro News highlights the little extra oomph that Google gives to ‘brands’ when it comes to search results. It would be foolish to think that search engines wouldn’t recognise brands and the brand owners when it comes to a search. The post refers back to a lengthy post on SEO Book. Both […]

Yahoo Leads The Way But Hardly Anyone Knows

We certainly live in a strange world. Yahoo often leads the way when it comes to search innovation and most people certainly approve each of those innovations. The problem is, with Yahoo having such a small share of the search traffic, hardly anyone gets to see these new innovations – at least until Google decides […]

Link Building Using The Past To Promote The Future

Link building is both an external and internal part of SEO. If you have a website or blog (or both) that has been around for awhile then there will pages of content that have built some authority within the search engines. Those pages can be used to give your new pages that little extra shove […]

Internet Marketing – Why Do So Few Use So Little Of What Is So Much?

This is little doubt that for the foreseeable future, internet marketing is going to be a major player for the small players. The big names can afford to sponsor events like the FA Cup. For small players, a thirty second spot would equal five years worth of marketing budget. Internet marketing has one big bonus […]

Does Your Internal Link Building Lose You Customers?

I had an unusual experience earlier today that caused me to stop and think about internal link building and how damaging it can be to a website. What was even stranger was the fact that it was a blog. Finding a post that I found interesting and worthy of a comment, I followed the link […]

Google Again Advises On Web Site Hacking

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog has some timely advice on web site hacking. It is certainly worth reading and I think one point should be made quite strongly. Prevention is a single step in the process. It is not easy and sometimes that single step involves a lot of work. However, it far better than the […]

Time to Update Your WordPress Blog

Back in December I mentioned the latest version of WordPress was available. I also made the comment that for commercial blogs, it can be a good idea to wait for the first bug fix release before upgrading. Well that bug fix has been released so it is time to upgrade/update your WordPress installation. Why Upgrade? One […]

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