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Building the awareness of a charity is very important if you want to encourage support and donations for the cause of your charity. Promoting your charity is one of the best ways to build awareness for your charity, to communicate with your target audience and to encourage support for the cause. Many charities however shy away from the idea of promoting or marketing their charities because their marketing budget is not large enough for marketing and promotional activities. Although most charities are on a strict budget and may not be able to invest much money into marketing, advertising and promoting their charity, it is still possible for them to find other ways of building awareness for their charity while sticking to their budget.

A very simple yet very effective way of promoting good causes is through the use of infographics. What is an infographics? It is a visual presentation of information.

When it comes to promoting your charity, you can use infographics:

To communicate your cause and the importance behind your cause

To make it very easy and simple for your target market to understand your cause

To be truly effective, an infographic must compose of three important elements:

Visual  – That which you can see such as graphics, color coding and reference icons

Content- Information pertaining to your charity including statistical information and references

Knowledge – Information that is factual instead of made up just to generate traffic.

These are:

Cause and Effect Infographics – this infographic explains the cause and effect

Chronological Infographics – this infographic explains an event or a process as it happened in time

Quantitative Infographics – this infographic convey statistical information to readers quickly and clearly using charts, graphs and tables.

Directional Infographics – this infographic navigate readers through information using numbers, diagrams, arrows and symbols.

Product Infographics – this infographics is used to convey key information about products

The type of charity event that you are promoting will determine which of the above types of infographics will be best to use to promote your charity.

Tips for designing your infographics

Although infographics are highly used to promote all types of events including charity events and they are seen all around us – on the television, in the newspapers and on road sighs, it is still important that we put sufficient time and effort into designing our infographics so that the information that we are trying to convey will be delivered in a comprehensive manner to the target audience.


Think  in color and bring the cause of your charity to life.

Use different combinations of illustrations, charts, images, diagrams, typography and icons.

Make it very appealing to the eye.

Make sure that the information on your infographic is presented in such a way that it makes your infographics trustworthy.

If you really want to meet your target audience and to stimulate them to encourage and support your charity, it is recommended to hire a professional to make your infographics. One of the best creators of infographics is: Skyrocket Design Agency. Their process of working is very simple. It starts with them gaining a full understanding of your charity so that they can build the concept of the infographic around this. They will then do some additional research based on your requirements and then proceed to designing the infographics. Once it has been approved by you and have met your requirements, they will proceed with the promotion of your infographics to make sure that it attracts positive reaction for the target audience.

With the infographics developed by this company for your charity, you can be guaranteed of the following:

Improved search engine rankings

Increase in visitors to your website

Enhancement in the awareness of your charity

With this means of promoting your charity, you do not need to go deep into your pockets to get your desired results.

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