By | December 21, 2020

There’s no doubt about it: your business’s website needs a massive overhaul. The design is out of date, it’s difficult to navigate and very little is offered in the way of regular updates. Not surprisingly, this is reflected in your abysmal visitor stats. Revamping your website has the power to improve your company’s image, win over prospective clients and get the site noticed by the web’s most popular search engines.

Incorporate Keywords into Your Content

Even if you have a loyal base of repeat clients, it’s imperative that you take steps to attract new business. Since most modern-day consumers discover new businesses through online searches, it behooves you to get your establishment noticed by such prominent search engines as Google and Bing. To this end, you’ll need to start incorporating various keywords into your site’s content. For example, if you own a computer repair business based out of Manchester, effective keywords would be something along the lines of “computer repair in Manchester” or “Manchester computer repair.” If you need help determining which keywords are best for your business, enlist the services of an online marketing company with extensive SEO experience. As Forbes’ Steve Olenski reports, SEO is among the best ways to attract new clients, and that’s not going to change any time soon.

Create a User-Friendly Layout

Thanks to readily-available site-building software, virtually anyone can create a website in a timely manner. However, if you truly want your site to stand out from the competition, you should go the extra mile and bring a professional web designer onboard. Whereas the aforementioned software utilizes a mishmash of cookie-cutter templates that are found on thousands of other sites, an experienced web designer is adept at creating sites that are perfectly tailored to her clients’ individual tastes. In addition to looking good, your new site should be easy to navigate and feature a bevy of convenient, clearly-labeled dropdown menus.

Post a Regularly-Updated Blog on Your Homepage

Discerning consumers want to know that you’re truly invested in what you do. If you see your business as nothing more than a meal ticket, that attitude is sure to shine through in your work. To illustrate how committed you are to your enterprise and how knowledgeable you are about your field, include a regularly-updated blog on your site’s homepage. According to The New York Times, an informative blog will help position you as an industry expert. If you don’t feel up to writing every single post, consider alternating with various staff members. Topics can run the gamut, but they should all tie into your industry. Blog posts also provide businesses with prime opportunities to plug in search engine-friendly keywords.

These days, it practically goes without saying that every successful has a fully functional website. However, simply having a site isn’t enough. Taking measures to optimize your site will enable your business to reap both immediate and long-term rewards.

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