By | April 21, 2020

I personally have become slightly addicted to the tubs of pre cut fruit that are available in supermarkets, but these are an over priced and processed option. One good idea is to instil a culture of the ’fruit platter’in your home and among your circle of friends.

The fruit platter is a festive display of a variety of fruits that are prepared and ready to pop into your mouth in bite size or two bite size pieces. We generally have them for a shared breakfast that the whole family will nibble off of at the same time.

Seasonal is really the key to a good fruit platter as well as ripe. There are also some tips on how to prepare different fruit to their best advantage.

  • Citrus: easy peel satsumas or clementines are great broken into segments. If you have larger oranges, it is nice to cut them into thin wedges with their peel on.
  • Apples: These are nice cut into thin wedges, with the core out and the skin on. Be careful because apples will turn brown, you can toss with a squeeze of lemon if you are concerned
  • Bananas: perfectly ripe bananas can become really disgusting if the pieces are too small. Think about bigger chunks or think about leaving the peel on
  • Grapes and blueberries are great and are a no fuss way to add diversity without too much prep
  • Melons cut into thin wedges with the skin left on and de seeded is the most hassle free way to serve
  • Plums, Nectarines, and Peaches are a favourite. I usually cut off irregular bite size pieces and pile onto the platter

It is really nice to include a mild and hard cheese on the fruit platter to round out the meal.

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