By | December 21, 2020

Gone are the days of leafing through that massive tome whenever you wanted to find a local business.  Whereas businesses used to engage in bidding wars for phonebook space, many of them have shifted their focus to search engines. Since exposure on Google can win a company worldwide recognition, its pays to get yourself noticed on prominent search engines. When looking for ways to accomplish this feat, you can’t go wrong with SEO.

Provide Regular Content Updates

In order to keep users in the know, search engines are constantly looking for new content that’s relevant to a broad assortment of industries. Your company can capitalize on this by offering up a consistent stream of new content. As Entrepreneur’s Jason Parks points out, content production provides business owners with the perfect opportunity to share their expertise with prospective clients. Since Google and its contemporaries look for keywords, make a point of plugging industry-centric search terms into your blog posts and articles. Keywords tend to work best when included in titles and headings, but inserting them into the body of text pieces generally won’t hurt.

Inbound and Outbound Links


Although prominent search engines – Google, in particular – value inbound and outbound links, using this feature to your advantage can be somewhat tricky. For example, having a link to your site featured on the website of another business in your respective field is likely to draw attention from Google. However, depending on the industry you work in, finding a business in the same field that isn’t a direct competitor may provide difficult. Hosting links to similar businesses on your website can also elicit recognition from search engines, but if the companies are too similar to your own, you’re essentially providing the competition with free exposure. Still, if these businesses aren’t local and therefore don’t pose a direct threat to your viability, linking and being linked to may ultimately prove worthwhile.

Create Relevant New Pages

The more pages your site has, the better its chances of being noticed by Google. This ties into regular content production, since the content you produce should be split between various pages. “Company Blog,” “Recent News” and “Client Testimonials” are all examples of pages that are primed for regular updates and subsequent search engine recognition. New pages featuring new content directly target Google’s fascination with new material and can lead to a sizable increase in visitor traffic.

According to Business Insider’s Bianca Male, search engine optimization should be foremost on the mind of every business owner. By utilizing effective SEO tactics, you can earn your company exposure on a national, even global, scale. Search engine optimization is the way of the future, and as any entrepreneur will tell you, it isn’t going away any time soon. With that in mind, it’s imperative that your enterprise adapt to the changing landscape if it wishes to remain solvent.

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