By | September 15, 2020

Link building is both an external and internal part of SEO. If you have a website or blog (or both) that has been around for awhile then there will pages of content that have built some authority within the search engines. Those pages can be used to give your new pages that little extra shove in the right search engine direction.

Having created a new page of content, optimized the title and the URL and generally performed all the normal SEO strategies to get your page noticed, you may be wondering what to do next.

Find a page that is fairly old yet relates to the current pages content. That old page has been indexed and hopefully ranks well so it is simply a matter of placing a contextual link within the content of that old page that links directly to the new page.

Will it help your new page get indexed faster. Some say yes, however, if you have done everything right in the first place then there is a good chance the page will be indexed fairly quickly anyone. However, that link from the old content gives it a quick boost in importance. The old page has some authority which it will pass on to the new page.

More importantly, particularly with web sites rather than blogs, you are probably getting some reasonable traffic to that old page. By placing a contextual link close to the top of the page, those visitors may well click through to the new page. This is the real boost. It is receiving traffic before it ranks for traffic. With that traffic should come a number of inbound links, this is the start of then of that pages authority.

Using the visitor attracting power of old pages to gain visitors to new pages is a simple task. If that contextual link on the old page sells the new page then it is more likely to draw click throughs.

The next time you create a new page on your web site, find a related page that receives traffic and see if you can attract them to your new page. You may be surprised at the result – all through some careful internal link building.

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