By | October 12, 2020

We certainly live in a strange world. Yahoo often leads the way when it comes to search innovation and most people certainly approve each of those innovations. The problem is, with Yahoo having such a small share of the search traffic, hardly anyone gets to see these new innovations – at least until Google decides it’s a winner and introduces its own version.

The latest innovation from Yahoo is the inclusion of a special promotions area in the search results. I say it is the latest innovation, and many would argue that it has been around for some time, however the number of businesses using it seems to be growing and reports are that these promotional ads are converting at a much higher rate that the standard sponsored results.

When you do a normal search, you are presented with the paid results followed by the organic results. The promotional results are displayed between the paid results and the organic. To quote from Yahoo’s help pages:

Promotional Results appear on the Yahoo! Search results page for specific search key words or phrases. These results are from advertisers who partner with Yahoo! to promote their online marketing initiatives.

By establishing a promotional partnership you are able promote your brand and keywords around your brand. Whenever a search is undertaken that includes that brand or keyword, your promotional campaign is displayed.

Promotional ads have included video and, for one advertiser, a search box that returned results from their site. If advertisers continue to get a good conversion from these campaigns then it will only be a matter of time and Google will follow suit.

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