By | April 21, 2020

While having a company website was impressive 20 years ago, modern-day consumers aren’t nearly as easy to win over. Nor should they be, in light of the fact that every business under the sun now has an online presence. That being the case, there’s no time like the present to overhaul an embarrassingly outdated business website. To heighten your company’s appeal to a substantially tech-savvier generation of consumers, take the following factors into account when rebuilding your website.

Be Clear About What Your Company Does

Clarity is appreciated in any endeavor, and website design is no exception. No one likes visiting business websites that are vague and unclear about what their respective companies actually do. According to Forbes’ Ilya Pozin, lacking a clear call to action can be a huge detriment to a business website. Sure, repeat customers and other people in your industry may know what your company’s all about, but if the average consumer is left befuddled after visiting your homepage, you’ve got a problem. With that in mind, adorn your homepage with helpful text and images that leave no question as to what your business does. If you feel the need to share a more detailed overview of your company, create an easy-to-access “About Us” page.

Set Your Site Apart from the Competition

When building sites, a surprising number of web designers utilize stock images and pre-made templates. While this approach is incredibly expedient, it won’t do much in the way of distinguishing your site from the competition. This is why it’s important to entrust this task to an experienced web designer with a flair for originality. Taking your input into account, this person will create a site that’s aesthetically pleasing without being showy, easy to navigate and able to run smoothly in the face of heavy traffic.

Host a Regularly Updated Blog

It’s important for both existing and prospective clients to know that your company is taking constant strides to improve itself. If your website is updated on a sporadic or infrequent basis, people are liable to think you’re asleep at the wheel. To dispel this notion, host a regularly updated blog on your company’s homepage. If you don’t feel up to the task of composing a new entry every week, alternate writing duties with various staff members. This will show visitors that your business is staying up to date with industry trends and is dedicated to keeping its customers well-informed. As an added bonus, updating your content on a consistent basis will help improve your site’s search engine rankings.

There’s no question that companies that predicted the meteoric rise of the Internet deserve a little bit of credit. After all, that degree of foresight is rare – even in famously insightful individuals. However, being among the first businesses to create a site for itself doesn’t necessarily ensure your company’s indefinite success. So if your business’s outdated website could use a 21st century makeover, get in touch with an experienced web designer and get the ball rolling.

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