By | March 12, 2020

SEO is a strange business sometimes and one thing we are all very careful about is not wearing a Google penalty. Since they are the biggest search engine and generally speaking, the search engine most likely to deliver free traffic, they are the last people you want to upset.

I guess most SEO consultants would have sat back and had a quiet chuckle when reports came in that Google had applied a penalty to one of it’s own sites.

From reports, Google Japan used a local pay-per-post promotion company to promote its new Hot Keywords blog widget. Pay-per-post of course is against Google’s policy so they promptly busted the PR from a 9 down to a 5. I hear some web site owners are a little unhappy with this since they had been busted from 5,6 or even 7’s to zero before some common sense took over.

The question here is whether or not Google is serious about the issue, or have they just taken the opportunity to prove a point – using one of their own sites as an example? Perhaps a little of both.

Even Matt Cutts found time to Tweet a little remarking the drop in page rank will be in place for a while.

For those who engage in pay-per-posts, the question will always be, is the drop in page rank worth the income? For SEO consultants, if you plan on using PPP for link building, think again. Google penalized its own site, not for accepting money and publishing pay-per-posts, they were penalized for paying for pay-per-post links. Think twice before going down that SEO track.

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