By | September 15, 2020

For many business people, having a blog attached to their web site can be a pain in the butt. There are times when you sit down to write your regular piece and all you can do is draw a blank.  For the business person however, the danger is in walking away and saying ‘I’ll do it later’. Chances are you won’t. Once you start ‘leaving it till later’, it can be become a habit.

You should never be stuck for content. Sure, you may wonder what to write today. Nothing new has happened, there are no new products and you feel you have covered everything anyway.

This is the perfect time to review. You can put together a post that ties together previous posts on similar topics. This has two benefits. The first relates to internal linking. By writing a post that links to other posts you are telling the search engines which posts belong together. The second benefit, along the same lines, lets your readers know which posts are related.

Another area open to review is where previous information has become outdated. When your stuck for ideas, go back and see if there are previous posts that need updating. If you do write an updated post, go back to the old post and edit it to show there is an updated version. Don’t delete the old post – it will have already developed links and some search rank – use that rank and direct the traffic to the new information via a prominent link at the top of the old post.

If you are prepared to review your past work, you should never run out of something to write. Just don’t overdo the reviewing. Blogging should be informative for your readers.

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