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Twitter is an excellent social media platform that not only allows people to give a voice to their opinions but also allows people the chance to follow their interests and to remain up-to date about the things that they are really interested in. The social media platform is only outperformed by Facebook in terms of sheer people who access the website everyday and this makes Twitter a great proposition for businesses who want to advertise their services to the people.

For businesses, social media has emerged as a great platform for advertising their services and has provided them with advertising options other than Google and other search engines. Since people also give information about their interests, their likes and dislikes on social media platforms, advertisers also have the option of only targeting users who would be very interested in their products and services.


Twitter is great for businesses in three ways. Firstly, a business can easily advertise its services to all the people who follow the business Twitter account. Secondly, a business can scrape Twitter for users who have interests in the niche of the business and then target them through Twitter’s own advertising model. Thirdly, a business can firstly scrape Twitter users who follow the business’ niche enthusiastically and then find their e-mail addresses and target them through e-mail marketing. However, for you to take the last two advantages of Twitter, you would have to scrape Twitter. You can do it yourself if you are great at programming though it would be best to actually make use of a tool which can do it for you. click here to know more about scraping Twitter and the tools that work the best.

Different tools use different strategies for scraping Twitter and are designed to achieve different goals.

Twitter for Business

Twitter for business is a wonderful Twitter scraping tool which only requires a few keywords from you in order to know the kind of people you want to target. The tool isn’t just capable of scraping Twitter to come up with a list of users who would be greatly interested in what you would have to say, the tool also looks up websites of the users in order to find their e-mail addresses. So, with Twitter for business, you will get two lists.

One list comprising of Twitter users who have listed your keywords in their descriptions or consistently in their tweets.

Another list comprising of e-mail addresses of Twitter users who might have an interest in your niche.


So, you can get a complete list of users you want to target through Twitter advertising and a list of e-mail addresses that you can target with your e-mail marketing campaign.

Twitter List Scraper

Twitter List scraper is a unique Twitter scraping tool. While it scrapes completely on its own, you would have to do a bit of groundwork before the tool would become of use to you. In order to make full use of Twitter List Scraper, you would have to give the tool a Twitter list. A Twitter list is a list of users who have same interests and have joined the list in order to receive updates about their interest.

So, for you to make use of Twitter List scraper, you would first need to find Twitter lists relevant to your niche. This is easily doable with Google. Once you find the lists, you just need to extract the URLs of those Twitter lists and provide it to the Twitter List Scraper. The tool would then scrape Twitter and return all the usernames of users who are a part of those lists.

You can save that data to target those specific users through your Twitter advertising campaign. The tool is totally free.


My Helpster

My Helpster is another wonderful Twitter scraping tool with the tool having a similar working strategy as that of Twitter List Scraper. The difference between the two is that while Twitter List scraper scrapes the lists in Twitter, My Helpster is capable of scraping profiles in order to scrape all the users who follow those profiles. This would be particularly helpful if you want to target the followers of a rival business by scraping their followers and then targeting them on your own either through Twitter or through e-mail.

My Helpster can also help in analyzing the lists of usernames it scrapes and can check if users match your described profile or not and can also check if they regular on Twitter or not. This added information can prove very useful when designing your marketing strategies.

Each of these tools is great for scraping Twitter. You must understand though that Twitter doesn’t allow scraping so what you will be doing won’t exactly be legal. click here to know more about this.

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