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Getting a cheap website design for your business may not be the easiest task. You can never be sure that you will get a quality website for the cheap prices that are available to you.  Getting a quality website design for as little as £149 may seem impossible but this website company is offering quality website designs for the low price of £149. They have developed the most cost effective solutions for a website design for any basic business.

Not only can you get a website design for this cheap you will also get a variety of additional bonuses that are included in the price.

By just paying £149 you will get:

  • A Cost effective website design for your local business
  • A time period of one year for hosting
  • A choice ofover 20 great template designs to choose from like this example
  • Your choice of your own basic logo design, this is entirely up to you
  • Your choice for the basic relevant graphic design of the banner image
  • A specially designed captcha challenge for your contact form
  • The opportunity for all test being fully editable via CMS
  • A  original and unique 500 word article of Sales Copy for your homepage
  • The promise of at least a 48 hour completion period
  • You will have the ability to add an unlimited amount of content pages which can be filled with your own articles and images
  • You will have the ability to add any professionally written articles of up to 750 words as per your instruction to professional writers for a next to nothing price

Paying a low price for a website could be a bad idea but when you are guaranteed quality for your website it is quite a good idea, especially when you have some great added bonuses in the price. Not only can you choose a template from over 20 great template designs to choose from like this one, you will also have the opportunity to know that the designers will also make sure your sites are healthy and they will most definitely suppy you with aged domains.  They will also provide you with SEO help and resources.

Why should you choose SEO?

 Search Engine Optimization is a faster means to find products or services online and it is less expensive. By choosing SEO you will reap the benefits and you will:

  • Improve your competitive edge – This will help your website be customer friendly and it will make your website a lot easier to find.
  • Expand your customer base and your target audience – this will improve your rankings, increase the traffic to your site and it will generate you more sales.
  • Boost your sales and Increase your return on investments – it has been proven that customers would much rather buy your products if they found your website through a search engine than if they clicked on an online ad.
  • You will save Time and Money – you will save a lot of time and money if you used a search engines free services to do business. This way it will become a popular site and searched term.

One of the first things you need to do is your Search Engine Optimization Planning, this is very important and must be done carefully. This means you will need to establish what the purpose of your website is going to be, this is another important stage that must never be ignored. You also need to decide what products or services will you be offering and you will need to keep Social-Graphics, Psycho-Graphics and Demo-Graphics in mind when doing your planning.

Some other SEO Features after the planning include:

  • The Submission Service means you will need to submit your website to major search engines.
  • The title and Meta tag optimization – the title which will be displayed when a certain word or phrase is searched. Whereas Meta tags is the actual phrases and keywords.
  • The paid search engine submissions or Pay-Per-Click
  • Reciprocal linking or ACL
  • Site evaluation will help you diffuse any common problems on your website
  • Keyword themed pages
  • The entry page
  • Website copywriting such as the headings, text link optimization and the copy you will include on your website
  • Competition web site

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