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The Art of the Fruit Platter

I personally have become slightly addicted to the tubs of pre cut fruit that are available in supermarkets, but these are an over priced and processed option. One good idea is to instil a culture of the ’fruit platter’in your home and among your circle of friends. The fruit platter is a festive display of […]

SEO And The Google Penalty – Dont LaughThey Penalized Themselves

SEO is a strange business sometimes and one thing we are all very careful about is not wearing a Google penalty. Since they are the biggest search engine and generally speaking, the search engine most likely to deliver free traffic, they are the last people you want to upset. I guess most SEO consultants would […]

Fix Those Redirects And Broken Links Before They Begin To Hurt

If you’re the kind of webmaster that believes in linking out when appropriate then you should include a link check as part of your regular SEO housekeeping. You should always have a tight control of your internal links, however external links are beyond your control and can and will change. Online news articles often change […]

Reputation Management – Should You Promote Positive Reviews?

If you’re running a business then you should be keeping a watch on the terms that are important to that business – these are the terms that relate to your reputation management. Your business name, your brand, your own name if it is in the public arena and the names of any employees – again, […]

YouTube Offers More Than Simple Video Embedding

If you are a frequent user of videos within your content, particularly videos that you have created, then using YouTube to host them may make life a little easier. There are three features that I think are worthy of discussion today. The first two involve the inclusion of captions – if you include them. In […]

Yahoo! Turns 14 And What A Ride They Have Had

Many people may not realise, or care, that Yahoo! turned 14 this week. As the Yahoo! corporate web site said, when Yahoo! was born, Java was still coffee, email was for geeks, broadband was not even a dream and the news only came via print, radio or TV. The IT field in general has exploded […]

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