Making Your Site Stand Out in the Digital Age

Sure, some of these sites are much better put-together than others, but the fact of the matter is that simply having a website doesn’t mean your company has a powerful online presence. The downside to every enterprise being active on the web is that companies now have to go the extra mile to win people […]

The best tools for scraping Twitter

Twitter is an excellent social media platform that not only allows people to give a voice to their opinions but also allows people the chance to follow their interests and to remain up-to date about the things that they are really interested in. The social media platform is only outperformed by Facebook in terms of […]

Google Again Advises On Web Site Hacking

Google’s Webmaster Central Blog has some timely advice on web site hacking. It is certainly worth reading and I think one point should be made quite strongly. Prevention is a single step in the process. It is not easy and sometimes that single step involves a lot of work. However, it far better than the […]

Website Features that Will Keep First-Time Visitors Engaged

While it may not be anything spectacular, it does a reliable job of keeping regular patrons informed and offers a concise rundown of what your business does. There’s no question that hanging onto repeat customers is important for any enterprise, but attracting new clients is what every company should constantly strive for. With countless forms […]

Content Maybe King But What Is Content?

When it comes to content development, what exactly is content? Far to much emphasis is placed simply on the article or post with arguments still continuing as to how many keywords you should have, where they are placed and the optimising of images and video. In reality, content is everything that is contained within a […]

Overhauling an Outdated Company Website

While having a company website was impressive 20 years ago, modern-day consumers aren’t nearly as easy to win over. Nor should they be, in light of the fact that every business under the sun now has an online presence. That being the case, there’s no time like the present to overhaul an embarrassingly outdated business […]

Fix Those Redirects And Broken Links Before They Begin To Hurt

If you’re the kind of webmaster that believes in linking out when appropriate then you should include a link check as part of your regular SEO housekeeping. You should always have a tight control of your internal links, however external links are beyond your control and can and will change. Online news articles often change […]

Reputation Management – Should You Promote Positive Reviews?

If you’re running a business then you should be keeping a watch on the terms that are important to that business – these are the terms that relate to your reputation management. Your business name, your brand, your own name if it is in the public arena and the names of any employees – again, […]

YouTube Offers More Than Simple Video Embedding

If you are a frequent user of videos within your content, particularly videos that you have created, then using YouTube to host them may make life a little easier. There are three features that I think are worthy of discussion today. The first two involve the inclusion of captions – if you include them. In […]

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