Read the information provided carefully before you proceed.

Make sure that all the requirements are met before applying for the vacancy. This will ensure that you have a better chance of qualifying. The Dpsa vacancy circular does not guarantee employment but rather it simply advertises vacant positions to the general public for applications. Note that all applications are considered and reviewed before a final decision is made by the department you are applying to. Jobs are awarded by merit so make sure that your application is the best it can be.

The Dpsa vacancies are released each on each Friday except in December. These publications which include advertisements of the available vacancies and job opportunities in the public sector are released once a week. They are often released as a document known as the Dpsa circulars.

These circulars are issued by the department of public service and administration, however it is important for all applicants to note that this department is not responsible for the content in the circulars. All enquires and questions should be directed towards the department advertising the vacant position as per the Dpsa circulars.

Kindly follow these directions for all candidates interested in the Dpsa government job vacancies:

Applications must be done on the Z83 form with the complete particulars of all applicants. It is also very important to include training experience, qualifications, major and minor competencies, knowledge and experience on your CV if necessary. These documents must be neatly forwarded to the department in which the vacancy exists or the department you are applying to. Note that the Dpsa itself is not the department you are applying to but the publisher of the circulars.

All applicants must carefully indicate the reference number of the vacancy in the job application. The reference number can be found in the Dpsa circular by the job position you are applying for. Applicants who be in search information in relation to the vacant position should direct their questions to the department where the vacancy exist and not Dpsa. Note that if you seek enquires from the wrong department it could cost you time as you may not receive your feedback in time to complete your application. Finally all candidates of the available job openings must make sure that the application reaches the department before the deadline date. If you send the application after the closing date or if your application is not at the department by the closing date, your application would not be considered.

 Z83 Application form

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The Dpsa vacancies simple makes it possible for people seeking employment to get jobs in the government sector. These government vacancies are released on Fridays at 11am CAT weekly. Make sure you go through the full list of job vacancies as the list may be long for some departments and provinces.

For any Enquiries about the Dpsa Government Vacancy circulars contact:
Ontlametse Baloyi
Tel no: 012 336 1474
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